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Autor: admin | Publikováno 10. 6. 2019 000 14:52 | Kategorie: Aktuality, Angličtina

My thanks to Jan Šterba, the staff and students at Gybon for making my recent visit so memorable.

Especial thanks to Pavel Adámek who made all the arrangements for my five day visit and to Ludĕk Absolon and his hard-working department for their warm welcome.

I very much enjoyed the opportunity to teach English to nine of the classes, and was very much impressed, as in previous years, by the enthusiasm, attentiveness and high academic standard of the students.

  I tried hard to explain to everyone what the UK will do now about Brexit, but the answer remains “Nobody knows”!


It is 25 years now since my visit to Gybon, at the invitation of Vladislav Král in 1994.  It was excellent to see that Gybon continues to thrive and that the good behaviour of students and  the friendly atmosphere in the school is exactly the same.

It was very interesting  also to visit the castle at Kost for the first time and to have such comfortable accommodation at the Hotel pod vĕži where Mr. Vacek and his staff made me very welcome.

I look forward now 2020 when there will be the fourth travel competition for Gybon students, enabling three prize winners to travel to England.

Details will be published in September.

My best wishes to all teachers and students for your summer holidays soon!


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