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Pozdravy od Juliana Wilda

Autor: admin | Publikováno 20. 5. 2020 000 11:18 | Kategorie: Angličtina

I am delighted to send my best wishes to all the staff and students at Gybon from my home in Lytham, England.
Usually at this time of year I am looking forward to my annual visit to Gybon. It is always a pleasure to teach a number of English lessons at the school. The standard of English of students of all ages is always impressively high and I am warmly welcomed by Jan Šterba and all the teachers.
This year because of the Covid 19 pandemic my visit will have to wait until the autumn. At that time too I hope that it will be possible to have the presentation for 2020 travel awards.
The British Ambassador in Prague, Nick Archer, has told me that this will be a priority in his diary and he will present the prizes to the three winners, Heřman Dušek, Eliška Saifrtová and Magdaléna Poleňhová, and certificates of achievement to all the entrants.
I am glad to hear that Gybon has reopened in part for the maturitá students and send my good wishes to them in particular for every success at this stressful time.
Stay safe and be strong, everyone !

Julian Wilde

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